Laura Levitt

The design, production, and philosophies are
driven by the life experiences and stylish flair of DejaVu’s founder, Laura Levitt. Laura is passionate, inventive and driven about all things that promote individual style, with just the right amount of crazy to make it work.

DejaVu Design debuted in 2009 after Laura
decided to finally ‘walk the talk’. With 15 years in international wholesale under her belt, Laura was inspired to create an environmentally and socially conscious company focused on recycling textiles. DejaVu Design aims to encourage an ethical lifestyle, where clothing reflects people’s personal values alongside their unique and funky selves via innovative design.

DejaVu Design is a fusion of Laura’s loves and inspirations, which include, but are not limited to: music, nature, photography, advanced style, spirituality, family & friends, heritage & history, vintage, and of course (the culture of) tartan.

Each piece celebrates individuality and the power of artistic and creative
expression. Every piece goes through Laura’s hands, where her loves, especially for fashion, design, and quality garments are more than evident.