The Process Z & LThe Process

The design, production and retailing of DejaVu Design are powered by the
passion and eccentricity of Laura Levitt, with the sometimes assistance of her daughter Zoë, who adds a youthful eye to DejaVu’s process.

Vests, jackets, skirts, tunics, dresses, pants and a selection of unique
wearable accessories are all upcycled in distinctive and creative ways. We use about 50% recycled and 50% virgin
materials to ensure a consistently high caliber of fabrics and therefore
products. The quality of each textile is paramount to our success. We use versatile materials like jerseys and linens to allow simple care instructions for comfortable, figure flattering pieces.

Transparency and Accountability

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Ontario, and are fair-trade and fair-wage. By recycling, we reduce the energy & water used to produce virgin material.

All patterns and fabric combinations are created in-house. First we deconstruct our recycled garments, which are then designed and reconstructed with other recycled and/or virgin materials in studio. As well, all of our graphics are designed and
printed in-house.

Because of the nature of each piece being one of a kind, selling online is not our ideal method for retailing. Our primary means of selling is at various arts & crafts shows, festivals and events year-round.

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It is our belief that direct contact is the best way to ensure our merchandise accommodates the individuality of each customer.

DejaVu Design is committed to creating the best quality garment, with each piece portraying an edgy and eccentric design. Along with our focus on conscious
consumption, DejaVu has established a unique & strong foundation from which to repeatedly create for our funky and fabulous customers.