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      "It’s an awkward exercise to find or take a picture that shows who I am"

      After looking through my “archives” of pictures, this sums me up pretty well.

      Interesting hat & glasses (often a head scarf), boots of any kind, travelling to or from somewhere, no makeup, and a cold beverage. 

      I’ve let go of being skinny, and now, I just want to be interesting.

      I find clothing and getting dressed for the day, to be a kind of theatre.

      It represents who I am today. Tomorrow could be a different script / different mood / different scene / different actors. I strive to be unique and artistic. 

       I want to stretch preconceived fashion and style. 

      The clothing that I create and design has to meet my reasons for making it: 

      • Is it comfortable?
      • Is it unique?
      • Is there enough attention to detail?
      • Is the fabric right?
      • Will it last?
      • Would I buy it?